We help discover
what gets liked in your store

Did you know?

That 44’ waist denims was not even get picked from shelf

That customer left 3 garments just because they couldn’t find the right size/color

That shopper would have bought that fashion-wear if it was just bit cheaper

You could have doubled your sales just by knowing what your customers are liking

80% of retailers are analytically immature and 71% of retailers perform either basic analytics reporting or none at all – revealing retailer’s inability to take advantage of the data that is available to them.

We help you with

discovering in-store shopper behaviour to help

sell more

merchandise planning

effective shelf utilization

use data from analytics models to discover price elasticity

BTW, who are we

We are a bunch of eccentrics changing the way offline retail functions globally by providing actionable insights that boosts revenue for our retail partners.

How do we solve this?

We capture shopper in-store insights by leveraging mobile, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to plan better merchandising and upsell opportunities to increase basket size.

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